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Providing clients with corporate restructuring and a clear path to long term operational stability.

G2 provides bespoke solutions for businesses seeking liquidity services, troubled by unsustainable capital structures and/or challenging industry or operating conditions. G2’s operational excellence also offers both operational restructuring and financial restructuring for companies seeking turnaround management support and optimized performance.

Our unique team of seasoned C-level executives, restructuring advisors, and financial consultants provide our clients with a clear path to long term operational stability, a sustainable capital structure, and ultimately more financial flexibility to achieve their strategic goals.

Operational Revitalization

G2’s team quickly assesses and remedies a Company’s current performance challenges, liquidity shortfalls, management gaps, and operating issues.

Operational Restructuring / Turnaround Consulting

Often focused on distressed or challenging situations, G2 provides restructuring plan development, project management and oversight while navigating unsustainable business elements that threaten the long term viability of a company. 

Chief Restructuring Officer

G2’s highly skilled and experienced CROs navigate stakeholder dynamics and mitigate risk as a company fiduciary, working collaboratively with management and reporting to the board of directors

Interim Management: CEO, CFO, COO, CRO

G2 provides interim executive management to drive critical strategic and operational initiatives in line with investor objectives. Such resources provide industry and functional subject matter expertise to drive real sustainable change in client situations.

Liquidity Management

G2 develops structured plans for businesses under tight liquidity scenarios for meeting their short-term and immediate cash obligations while mitigating significant losses.

Performance Improvement

G2 supports both growth and distressed clients by working with key stakeholders to evaluate a business, identifying potential opportunities for operational improvement, and customizing options to drive value creation through measurable results.

Financial Restructuring

G2 solves complex balance sheet issues for creditors and borrowers by quickly assessing and executing unique restructuring transactions.

Balance Sheet / Financial Advisory

G2 strategically assesses and analyzes a Company’s balance sheet, providing independent views and recommendations on strategies to strengthen and reposition the balance sheet for future growth.    

Covenants / Amendments / Forbearance Negotiations

G2 works closely with clients (debtors or creditors) to help facilitate the negotiation and modification of existing loan agreements, leveraging our extensive capital markets experience in order to deliver the best outcome possible to our clients.

Recapitalizations, Capital Infusions, Debt-to-Equity Conversions

G2 engages collaboratively with all stakeholders to develop and effectuate the proper restructuring transaction to position the Company for long-term sustainability and maximize both runway and stakeholder recoveries.

Secondary Debt or Equity Transactions

Partnering with our capital markets team, G2 leverages our extensive relationships with lenders and alternative investment providers to guide debt or equity holders to monetize investment positions. 

Insolvency Services

Our technical experts with decades of experience serve as independent fiduciaries to manage complex stakeholder dynamics, resulting in value maximization for all parties.

Chief Restructuring Officer

G2’s CROs maximize value for a distressed company’s stakeholders and mitigate risk for management and the board by acting as a trusted fiduciary, protecting the interests of all impaired creditors.

Bankruptcy Financial Advisory (Ch. 7 / Ch. 11)

G2’s restructuring professionals have technical bankruptcy expertise and credibility as a financial advisor, CRO and trustee, having been involved in over 100 bankruptcy cases in U.S. Bankruptcy Courts across the country.

Wind Down / Liquidation

G2 mitigates risk for the board of directors by implementing proprietary, highly tailored, and strategic operational wind downs. G2 maximizes value for creditors through the liquidation of balance sheet assets and proactive management of liabilities.

Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors / Receivership / Article 9 Foreclosure

G2 leverages restructuring and investment banking expertise to maximize value for stakeholders through in- and out-of-court alternatives to bankruptcy. G2 has vast experience as a fiduciary working consensually with secured creditors to carry out state law remedies, including acting as assignee in ABCs, receivers, and CROs or advisors in Article 9 foreclosures.
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Independent Board Roles

As trusted fiduciaries with decades of successful fiduciary engagements, G2’s seasoned professionals often protect existing board members, sponsors and secured creditors by acting as an Independent Board Member to ensure company actions are in the best interests of creditors.

Strategic Assessment 

G2 deploys industry experts to create a detailed assessment of the Company’s position within the market, the virtue of the business structure, and the effectiveness of the existing capital structure. The G2 team will provide strategic options and find the solution that will optimize value for creditors, owners, and operators alike.

Recent Engagements

Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


G2 was engaged as Chief Restructuring Officer (“CRO”). Through the CRO, G2 developed and executed liquidity management tactics for the Company and its stakeholders.

Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


G2 was engaged to facilitate negotiations for more favorable payment terms with key vendors, aiming to optimize cash flow management.

Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


G2 was engaged to perform a Phase 1 strategic alternatives assessment.

Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


The Company engaged G2 as its Chief Restructuring Officer. Through the CRO, G2 developed and executed liquidity management tactics for the Company and its stakeholders.

Exclusive Restructuring Advisor


G2 conducted a rapid Phase 1 Assessment and developed a report that included an assessment of the business, operations, and financial condition of the Company, short-term liquidity, near-term capital requirements, and strategic alternatives.

Restructuring Team

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