G2 Capital Advisors served as the Assignee in an ABC process for Triplet Therapeutics

The assets of Triplet Therapeutics, a portfolio company of Atlas Venture and MPM Capital, have been acquired in an ABC sale process

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Triplet Therapeutics, a Boston-based biotechnology startup company, was formed to reimagine and develop treatment options for repeat expansion disorders such as Huntington’s disease. Founded in 2018, Triplet raised over $80 million from life sciences-focused venture capital investors and a premier venture debt provider. 


Some of Triplet’s test results were promising while others revealed a concerning level of toxicity. Facing limited appetite among its investors to continue funding the company, management initiated strategic conversations with a few large pharmaceutical players. But runway was short and bandwidth limited, compromising the opportunity to run a full process. Meanwhile the Company’s venture lender favored the involvement of a professional firm with a track record of managing challenging situations and maximizing creditor recovery. Without that steward in place to guide the process and negotiate with the potential buyers, a deal was unlikely to be achieved.


The Company engaged G2 to serve as assignee in an assignment for the benefit of creditors (“ABC”). This out-of-court insolvency proceeding, which is governed by state statute, is a faster and cheaper alternative to bankruptcy. Upon launching the ABC, the Company’s board and management resigned, with select staff assisting in the ABC effort on a contract basis. As Assignee, G2 launched a process to sell substantially all of the assets including test results, technical documents, patents and other intellectual property.


As assignee G2 managed the wind down of corporate operations and put on its investment banker hat during a vigorous marketing effort to find an acquirer of substantially all of the assets. A global biopharmaceutical company emerged as the leading contender in the competitive bidding process. After the Assignee negotiated a significant increase from the initial bid the parties executed an asset purchase agreement. The proceeds provided a meaningful recovery to the secured creditor.

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