G2 Serves as Chief Restructuring Officer to Restaurant Chain and Maximizes Value through an Expedited Sale

A casual family-focused seafood restaurant chain with approximately 30 locations in the Southeast U.S. (the “Company”).


As sales came to a screeching halt in March 2020 due to the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, our client faced a severe liquidity crisis losing approximately 95% of its sales. By the end of March, the Company was operating 11 of its stores on a take–out only basis and was in default of its senior secured debt. The Company was forecasting to run out of cash within 90 days with liquidation of the business imminent.


In connection with a forbearance agreement with its lenders, the board of directors of the Company retained G2 to provide expertise in quickly finding a solution that would save the business. Jeffrey T. Varsalone, a Managing Director at G2, was appointed Chief Restructuring Officer (“CRO”) and through the CRO, G2 assisted the board in actively navigating complex stakeholder dynamics during a time when market instability was at an all-time high due to the continued pandemic. G2 developed and executed liquidity management tactics to maximize runway for a potential restructuring transaction and assessed strategic options for the Company and its stakeholders. With a focus on maximizing value for creditors and preserving jobs, G2 provided the board with restructuring expertise in negotiating a consensual resolution with the Company’s lenders and facilitating a restructuring transaction that preserved the going concern.


G2 implemented a tailored, expedited restructuring transaction process that resulted in the sale of the senior debt and the subsequent consummation of a credit bid going concern asset sale transaction in June 2020. “The lightning fast execution of this restructuring mandate maximized value for the Company’s lenders and provided recovery for junior creditors”, said Jeffrey T. Varsalone, the Company’s Chief Restructuring Officer. “The transaction provided an ongoing customer for trade vendors and an ongoing tenant for landlords at a time when retail vacancies are sky rocketing”, Varsalone continued. “Most importantly G2 takes great pride in being able to assist the board in saving over 500 jobs at a time when the annualized unemployment rate was at an all-time high”, Varsalone concluded.

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