PRESS PLAY : G2 Capital Advisors was designed for challenging and uncertain markets. With our deeply operational team of former executives we assist clients to maximize long-term value. Providing financial advisory services including Restructuring, Capital Markets and M&A Support.

PRESS PLAY : G2 Capital Advisors provides M&A, capital markets and restructuring advisory services to the middle market. We offer integrated, multi-product and sector-focused services by pairing highly experienced C-level executives with specialist investment bankers. We aspire to be the trusted advisor of choice to our clients including corporations and institutional investors.

PRESS PLAY : Did you know G2 has a curated bench of over 150 industry focused interim resources? We have Interim CFO, CEO, COO, CRO’S and we are ready to help you find the resource you need! Subscribe for real-time updates, and our team will reach out ASAP!

Our secret sauce is in our business model. G2 is unique as the first lower middle market Investment Bank to take former C-Level operating executives and leverage them as industry bankers and practice leaders. Each industry practice area is focused on developing unique and bespoke solutions that meet the long term strategic needs of companies. Whether we are raising capital, developing an M&A strategy, or assisting a distressed company, our Practice Leaders set the vision and lead each mandate.

We focus on a carefully chosen set of industries where our operating experience and capabilities can be leveraged to develop long term value creation strategies for our clients. Our industry practice groups include: Transportation & Logistics, Technology & Business Service and Industrials & Manufacturing.

“It is uncanny in the marketplace to find folks that think like a business person thinks, that’s why I chose G2 and ultimately that’s why we were successful.” Drew Kronick, Founder & CEO of SDS Rx.

G2 is dedicated to supporting our clients in their mission to maximize value and drive growth for their businesses. Press play to hear from one of our valued repeat clients about how G2 has continued to support his growth strategy.

“Anybody can tell me the situation, G2 can tell me the situation AND the solution and that’s what differentiates them. They are focused on producing results and that’s why we moved forward with G2.” Chris Flynn, President of First Eagle Asset Management.

G2 is dedicated to a long-term perspective in supporting our clients in their mission to the strategic objectives of their businesses. Click to hear from one of our valued, multi-mandate clients about how G2 has continued to support his goals.